Billie & Khalid—Seriously Tho

This song has been kicking around the household playlists a while now but seriously tho—these two and their voices. So lovely. Haunting. Pretty much everything by these two separately is gold, but put them together and it’s so addictive. My ears died and were resurrected to music paradise with this one.


No idea what they’re saying but I heard this on a GoPro video on Instagram and immediately fell in love with it.

Back in the old days I always frequented the ‘World’ section in the music store. I loved hearing music from around the world. Now with iTunes it’s a far easier and cheaper exploration. I only owned a few foreign language cds as a teen. A couple in tribal South American languages, because we had a couple bands locally here, Sisa Picari & Alpa Kalpa, both were so good live. They had traditional Andes instruments and gruff voices similar to how the lead from The Gypsy Kings. I had one cd of Swahili music, like a mix of most popular stuff from various Swahili speaking countries at the time.

I’m sure there were more but those were my favourites. I love where I live because you do hear Arab & Hindi/Punjab music blaring from homes and cars often enough—for just a brief moment you could imagine you are far away from the place of ‘too familiar.’

So this Musical Interlude takes you far far away. I may share a couple more of my International favourites these days.

🌍🌎🌏 love the whole of it. What a wonderful gift we have in cultures and experiencing new things.

Sunset Highway Sweater

So, you can tell from the pilling this is getting lots of wear already, so it may be time to cast on a new summer sweater. But I love it.

I improvised 3/4 length sleeves, adding a strip of grey/green/grey to the sleeve ribbing. These small alterations to the pattern as it was written is a first for me. I’ve never altered a pattern, other than length, before.

I definitely will be more careful about the kind of yarn I use next time. This is pilling far too quickly. Next time I’ll pick a sturdier fingering weight yarn. It is so soft but there is a price for that.