Sunset Highway Sweater

So, you can tell from the pilling this is getting lots of wear already, so it may be time to cast on a new summer sweater. But I love it.

I improvised 3/4 length sleeves, adding a strip of grey/green/grey to the sleeve ribbing. These small alterations to the pattern as it was written is a first for me. I’ve never altered a pattern, other than length, before.

I definitely will be more careful about the kind of yarn I use next time. This is pilling far too quickly. Next time I’ll pick a sturdier fingering weight yarn. It is so soft but there is a price for that.

Sunset Highway Update

Do this was a couple days ago, the body is officially done now. Hopefully will get to sleeve one in the next couple days. I have about three weeks to wrap this up. I did try it on and as expected, it will need blocking to open it up a bit but all in all I think it’ll fit. Now to figure out how long the sleeves will need to be. Sleeves are tricky. Pre-block they can be a little short so sometimes it’s a gamble getting them right for their post block length. 😬 Hoping I get it right. Just hoping.

The First of Spring

…and I’m ridiculously boring. I’m looking forward to ‘spring’ tho I’m sure winter is not done with us. So. First things first. I did finish my Kveta scarf/shawl. I blocked it. And have been wearing it nearly every waking hour. I love it. I suppose the kindest compliment was my family thought I bought a new scarf. Nope. I made it!

Its a lovely offset to my winter white glow I’d say.

Next, my Scania Shawl is about half way. I LOVE knitting this piece. The marled yarns, the textures of the pattern—what an enjoyable project. I truly enjoy my time with this piece. But, I’m balancing it among my other projects so I don’t burn through it too quickly and so that I am finishing my other stuff too.

My Sunset Sweater: well, now I’m to the boring part where I just sit and knit in the round. I’m about half way done the body before beginning the short row shaping at the bottom. I’ve second guessed my colours a few times but, upon going the yarn store again, I remember why I came to the decisions I did and in hind sight, an online order may have given me closer to what I originally wanted, but I think I’ll love it when it’s completed. It really does need blocking for that yoke to sit smoothly and I may even block the yoke before I finish just because I’m a little anxious to see it closer to its final look. But all in all, I am on schedule with this piece. The plan is to be able to wear it in a month from now while I beach comb. Oh I’m so excited!

And now, for my latest cast on cast off and last minute projects, two Tread hats & a pair of Thrummed Mittens for Paula (second matching hat for River) this is the first hat I’ve knit. Crazy I’ve knit three sweaters and never a hat. Anyways. They are QUICK! Which is so unexpected. I cast on Paula’s hat yesterday, and cast it off yesterday. So this morning I cast on River’s and I’m hoping to start Paula’s matching mittens today or tomorrow and get them finished by Sunday. Worst case scenario, I finish them up for next fall since she may not need mittens again this season based on the warmer weather in Fernie BC.

Anyways. That’s all I do. Laundry. Dishes. Vacuum. Gym. Knit. Cook. Clean. Yell at kids & dogs. Watch the snow fall, then melt, fall, melt, fall, melt.

New Albums & Spring Temps

Addictive. Both.

This track has a little familiar undertrack that can be found on a song on Wiped Out. Bonus points to those that can hear it. So love it.

This is what I’ll be working out to today.

And significant progress on Sunset Highway. Literally three rounds until the yoke is officially done. Definitely needs blocking because I was working on too short of rounds for a while. Tried to keep it loose but inevitably it looks a little tight.

And Blue…💙love love love it.

And that’s it. Off to the gym.

Sunset Highway

As a crafter I have such difficulty refusing to try something lovely, if I know I can probably make it. In the era of Instagram there is always a fresh feed of things that tempt me, call to me, to make them.

So I have some favourite knitwear designers which are on Ravelry & instagram— & boylandknitworks—oh man. Both have such beautiful creations. I’ve never really done colourwork before other than some Brioche & a checkers board and bag. Usually I let the yarn do the work of colouring a piece of knitting. Well, that’s all about to change.

Here are my favourite sweater patterns: first by Caitlin Hunter aka boylandknitworks:



Sunset Highway

By Jenn Steingass aka :

Silver Forest



Fern & Feather

Of all these, my least favourite was Sunset Highway, my most favourite started as Aboreal or Alyeska. As the weeks of watching posted pieces has continued by knitters around the globe, Sunset Highway started to really win my heart over. First, it looks like a good beginner level for colourwork. It isn’t as intricate as some of the others. Learning to start at the beginning is important, and this sweater looks like ‘the beginning’ of fairisle training. It’s also so incredibly perfect for a summer sweater. We have a lot of cool non winter days here and it seemed like a pattern I could wear year round. I saw so many knit up in sweet pastel and candy colours which is so outside my typical colour choice, but they were so lovely and rich in a subtle way.

So I went and splurged on yarn from the local yarn shop. Sweaters are a big endeavor. Choosing correctly is like picking your favourite candy from a shop when you were a kid (or maybe an adult). Lol. I knew I wanted light candy colours, something unusually feminine in tone, breezy, summery. Knit in a fingering weight, it will be a very light sweater for sure, but the colours really needed to be right. I was thinking of SweeTarts and their lovely pastel tones. This is what I came up with:

The body is a colour called Winter, the front one in this shot, it’s a faint pink, lavender, & grey slurry of snow tones. Absolutely lovely. Next is the grey, then mauve, then green. I did my test swatch, washed & blocked, and it is so soft and thankfully knits up perfect, no need to adjust the pattern at all. Whew.

I’ve never been a pastel girl but these colours are killing me ever so slightly with how beautiful they are. I can’t wait to start this piece. I should finish my Kveta scarf this weekend. And then I plan to alternate between my Scania Shawl & Sunset Highway over the next couple months. I may throw in one more pair of thrummed mittens for a sister who moved to Fernie and whom we miss SO much. She would totally love them I’m sure.

I have another project planned after these ones too. I actually am forming a timeline of projects that already goes into next winter including what will hopefully be my first pair of knitted socks, and a few special things for family member who I haven’t knit anything for before. It’s so difficult to get these things all done, plus knit something for myself. Very few people in my world craft like this, so I always wonder if they know it is a lot of work. Most products are machine made these days. Quality is so so. They donate used items, rarely considering clothing to be a valuable thing once styles change or whatever. I’ve learned through this craft that skills like these are honed. And the products are a small piece of the person who made it. I’m choosing to do women’s sweaters & shawls more because I have so many young women who will hopefully appreciate them one day. I’m not sure I’d knit them sweaters now, and one daughter has lost a shawl scarf I knit for her, so I’ve learned to not gift something before someone is ready to appreciate the item. Kyra says the infinity scarf I made her a couple years ago is still her warmest and favourite and I see she wears it often. That always wins browny points. I think of the poncho I gifted my mom, and think, I hope she gives it back soon. She never wears it.

It’s taken me years to stop gifting things I like to other people. They probably don’t like them as much as I do. Now, if I see something I know another person will like, I will consider it. With knitting it is like a search for that one pattern that is not too crazy and time consuming but will also show you thought of them but won’t eat a six month chunk of time. Mittens have been nice but I am all mitten-ed out for now.

So, spring is allegedly around the corner, as I watch the snow falling fantastically at the moment. So pretty. I should be tired of it, and in some ways I am. But in the quiet of night, falling snow is one of my favourite things.

Wednesday Ho Hey

Hey Ho! All I have to show.

So, when you begin a worsted weight project but do it in dk it takes a smidge longer than hoped. (autocorrect hated that sentence) But, I do love the colours and this is my sole focus until it is finished. Tho I cast on the Scania Shawl I haven’t touched it since day one because, it is still very much winter here and I want it wrapped up for mid April, but this one, I could be wearing if it were done already.

I’m actually bored to death of knitting straight garter stitch. After thrumming & increases and decreases and bind offs and gussets, this is boring. So, I’m going to get this wrapped up hopefully by weekend and be wearing it during the next snowfall. That is the beauty of it. It’s very wearable nature. It’ll no doubt become my day to day scarf for the winter months, tho, I’m eyeing a couple other shawl/scarves that I may squeeze in before next winter.

Works In Progress…

…and some completed projects.

So I managed to finish two more pairs of thrummed mittens this past week, Joy’s & my mom’s. I haven’t even knit a pair for myself and I really should, but I’m all mittened-out for now. I would like to get a few more done between now and next fall tho. I have a list of people who really would appreciate them. Somewhere in there, is a pair for myself.

Freshly cast on this week, a Scania Shawl, and Kveta shawl scarf. Both for me. I’ve never actually knit a shawl. Both of these have edges that are knit and then unraveled afterward to form fringe.

Scania is an affordable kit ordered from Craftsy and I must say, reading he pattern took a few glances, but I dove in head first and no tinking or frogging so far so that’s good. I chose colours that reminded me of ocean hues, sand and stone. I actually wish I’d thrown a green in possibly over the Pool Blue, but, hopefully it’ll pan out in the end.

For the Kveta piece, I had seen it in Ravelry and knew the local yarn store had Millefiori light by Berroco. I wanted a different colour but it wasn’t available so, I chose one that I hoped would just look good on me.

Both of these are very different in texture and weight. I really wanted one that was more scarf like, the Kveta, and one more wrap like, the Scania. I have the goal of finishing Scania by the end of April, and taking it with me to California. We scored cheap seat sales there and I’m so excited to go back to San Diego. If a place can feel like home in your heart, it is the west coast of North America, pretty much anywhere will do. But I fell in love with Carlsbad and Oceanside area a few years back, everything about it, the beach, the rugged sand stone cliffs, the sparse trees, the cacti, the little lizards, the flowers, the lemon trees, the salt air. Seriously, it hurts my heart a little. Love it. I love the rugged northern coast of BC too, but, just the idea of warmth and sand under my feet makes me homesick for a place I’ve never lived in. So, Scania is for beach walking. Kveta is my Northern lights inspired cold weather truth.

Here are some shots snagged from the webs that be of them completed, just so it’s more clear where they’re headed.

Above: Scania (new and different baby cable Stitch then I’ve done before, quit easy, tho, do not break the momentum until you’ve grasped where this is going. After that it’s quite easy so far)

Below: Kveta (super easy mindless knitting. Straight up garter Stitch with an m1L every other row)

Never had fringed anything before, guess I am embracing my inner hippie full tilt this time.