no one’s interested in something you didn’t do…

On a small personal note: The soul of Canada mourned today, all day, & will for many more, at news of the loss of our lovely Gord Downie. 

We all knew this was coming. We had been expecting it anytime. But, we have unitedly shed tears today, shared our favourite lyrics, radio stations played The Hip all day as tribute, the CBC shared numerous links to interviews & footage, the country paid homage to our poet. He will be missed. 

But I found most touching, the passion and drive of his last project, The Secret Path, about the horror of the residential schools. If that can’t make you understand & cry I cannot accept you are human. 

A solemn goodbye to a lovely passionate member of our crazy Canadian family. He will be missed & remembered by how such simple phrases, such simple moments in this history, imprinted on our hearts, captured by his gift for lyric & music, have shaped us as a people. He is a part of our budding Canadian culture. He will remain such. A true artist we never needed explained via critique, we just felt his artistry there in its exquisite depth & simplicity. 

It was a slow goodbye filled with tears & joys, and my heart goes out to those closest to him today.  What a sad shameful thing, this, called death that stalks us all. 



After not playing guitar for two weeks, I believe that is the longest I’ve gone since I started learning, I was pleased & relieved to come home, pick it up & have only forgotten the newest part of a song I was learning. Everything else was still there in the memory of my fingers. Whew. I was worried about that. 

Concierto de Aranjuez: II. Adagio

Trust me, take the 12 minutes to listen & watch it preferably. 

There are several pieces of classical that I have loved since rather early childhood, this is one of them. To me, all people should have the opportunity to fall in love with classical. Not every piece will strike you powerfully, but when they do, you are changed. 

To soothe & break all at once, this is my pick for today. 

Chris Cornell

I can’t say I was a huge fan but I can appreciate a musician for what they are & I certainly appreciate when artists grow & that they leave musical Interlude threaded through our memories. 

I’m happy I did get to hear & see him perform live & those early nineties rusty songs of dirt & despair had become songs in a sound track of my life. Songs like Black Hole Sun & Fell On Black Days were as much a staple in those young years of grunge as Nirvana’s music. 

Driving to the mountains in a car packed with eager youth there were some bands that were always on the playlist…Soundgarden was one of them. Tho I certainly lost touch with him until last year when he came through in the Higher Truth tour, I can appreciate that he was a great artist & am sad to hear about he’s passing. 

On that note, here is my personal favourite by him that isn’t from the nineties, a cover of Nothing Compares 2 U

The Melding of Things

I am probably the slowest of guitar learners. Partially because, I have a life, a busy one that requires time thievery to learn anything. Partially because I like so many things. But this weekend I started learning a song with B7 in it—*melt & meld* (that’s what my heart does when it hears this chord.)

I can’t even properly explain what happens when you play a little riff or (even better) write a little riff & it pulls on the insides of you—it tears your guts out a little & I love it. Some chords have the exact level of longing in them that is so beautiful it’s indescribable. Both these chords placed beside more common, purer chords with small variations in picking patterns can be so lovely. 

I get this deep restfulness when I’m able to really start to get into a song. I wish I’d begun this when I was younger & learning was faster & easier. 

Mid-Winter Moon

Mid-Winter Moon is my latest little musical creation, well, it’s birth stage, so it’s a little messy still. But while toying around with chords and strumming this started to emerge, and I literally can’t get it out of my head. I also do it in a 3/4 and like it that way as well, so it really is birthing and like all good stories, I have no idea where it’s going just yet. 

Like with Divergent this seems to be something that was sitting beneath the learning and practice, that just crawled out and demanded to become. I love that. I didn’t expect it to happen again. 

I swear this one as well is so familiar, it wouldn’t surprise me if it exists and I’m simply stumbling across it somewhere in the recesses of a long list memory. Anyways, if that’s the case, it’s accidental, and really, as a beginner, I seem better at coming up with my only little things than the endless work it takes to cover something someone else has come up with. 

I don’t know if I’ll ever cover other people’s music well. I like the way music emerges from my little practice sessions and demands to be heard. This is truly new for me in the genre of creativity and it’s so refreshing to experience. 


Right now, this is where I am (without a cup of coffee). My SIL is working on some harmony on the bridge, and I would say we actually ‘jammed’ the other day. Both being very early beginners on the guitar means our naturally abilities are filling in for our skill lack. She came up with some strummed chords to go with my little bridge, and then while working on this this week on my own, it’s kind of evolved into what I just recorded this morning; hard to say what it’ll become next time we get together. 

You can see, I’m sleepy here, but still so slow on chord changes and it’s not perfect yet at all. I keep practicing and have learned shape 1 of the pentatonic scale, so, tho it feels minuscule, I am progressing. I can hear music being written in my head these days, so much so I keep trying to understand if it’s something I’ve heard somewhere, but am beginning to realize it’s being generated only in my brain and now the thing is to find it on the guitar. I didn’t know that could happen. That’s new for me. But, that makes sense. This is where songs come from. Lol. 

Anyways. Divergent. Tho, that name is temporary. I have begun to feel tho it was birthed off a guitar lesson it deserves to be named as its own self when it’s done. ​

​​​I’ve never posted on YouTube before now, so here’s the link, since it doesn’t upload well to WP.

Nothing like public posting to keep you humble…