About the Hollow Quiet

The Hollow Quiet is RLKing, also sometimes pens under Itziar Verría just to mess with everyone. 

Lives in Canada but loves everywhere. Borders should be dissolved. 

I’m a wife & mother of five. 

Can find both my writing & artwork in The DVerse Anthology edited by Frank Watson; Writing: From the Trenches by Chris Smith found on Wattpad. This year, I wish to finally, after a few years of quietude, attempt to submit for publish again. 

When not writing, I’m happy to be reading, ESVM being my favourite American poet, Rupert Brooke my favourite British, and Margaret Atwood my favourite Canadian. I love Canadian culture & art most of all because I’ve dwelt here all my life, but I care deeply for all cultures & peoples. History & geography are fascinating complex and important factors to the artists of the world and I enjoy when these are melded with inner workings of the human experience, being regurgitated out as art. 

After years of full time mom to so many, I’m happy to be growing into the next phase. Occasionally you may find I share my adventures in beginner guitar, music has been a major part of my survival kit for life. 

Spirituality is a part of my soul. I live for & love my God Jehovah & I wish to never leave this Earth, therefore, my favourite piece of writing ever is The Blue-Flag in the Bog, I could literally read it everyday and never tire of it. 

Among my favourite things besides the obvious of my family: vintage/antique treasure hunting, gardening, tide-pool walking, walking anywhere in nature, cats like Steve, sunshine, moonlight, dancing borealis, clear skies, big thick grey clouds contrasted against rich green trees, trees that are older than me, the smell of ice, the smell of lilacs & lavender, strawberry rhubarb pie which I kick ass at making, roller coasters, driving, airplane rides, being outside, good fish tacos, margaritas, knitting, crochet, learning learning learning, sleeping, dreaming, and most definitely believing. 


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