Wisteria in The Wild Moonlight

Where wisteria folds open & spring is a slow bloom

The wild moon rising, sliding heavenward

The song of sea & salt & the subtle smokestains of last years’ fire

The touch of a memory—

Slowly, gently, holding me

Sunset Highway Update

Do this was a couple days ago, the body is officially done now. Hopefully will get to sleeve one in the next couple days. I have about three weeks to wrap this up. I did try it on and as expected, it will need blocking to open it up a bit but all in all I think it’ll fit. Now to figure out how long the sleeves will need to be. Sleeves are tricky. Pre-block they can be a little short so sometimes it’s a gamble getting them right for their post block length. 😬 Hoping I get it right. Just hoping.