This Week in Tribal Unity…

Levi’s got this right when they grabbed it up. Need a little pick me up? Try athletics to this little hook.


Two Minutes to Midnight

how Midnight presses down on my chest

like a heartache or a lifeless warmth

I could pretend I fear this eventuality but

Cold War kids are immune to Midnight

we sing songs to this strange hour—Geiger metronome ticking, counting subatomic beats & breaths

a little sprinkle of radiation on every cupcake & care

the plastic islands will keep us afloat in this murky algae sea, the stench is feeding me

What fear is there in the power of sudden death?

Sit on the beach & watch the wave roll in, rolling fast, blowing us to papery ash—bone & breath & life & memory & skin.

My Secret Pain Pills & Other Cheap Medicine for Winter

Tho we have had beautiful temps & little snow, there is still snow on the ground, precious little it is. But somehow Florida has had more snow than us in December & January, Here’s the article. Apparently we should get snow again soon, and frankly I hope so, brown winters are bleak.

I’ve managed to finish Sarah’s blanket, that was a long time coming.

It’s great when a project comes off the needles.

I discovered Thrum Mittens. They are adorable & Northern wearer approved. Each little heart (or polka dot if that’s preferred) is made with a twist of roving. This makes them thick and actually warm. I’ve never really wanted to knit mittens because frankly homemade knit mittens are pretty useless here, too thin to keep out the cold. But these are so squishy and the hand dyed Nova Scotia yarn & roving in Frozen Ocean is so so lovely. What is it about the peace, tranquility & satisfaction of creating, and with such lovely textures & colours, its such medicine for the soul. This pair is already picked by middlest child, but I’ve bought enough roving to make all us girls a pair. Second one is about a third done, so hopefully I’ll find time to finish it up tomorrow or Friday.

I’ve decided to take up, true exercise. Yep. Me. Lady who ‘hates’ the gym. I’ve pretty much been abandoning my lake walks because my hip was handling the cold so poorly but then, after consulting a chiropractor, I have been ‘prescribed’ exercise to pinpoint the root cause of the issue. Walking is all fine and well, but it wasn’t really fun when it was hurting so badly. So, Barre is what I’ve started. For anyone who doesn’t know, Barre is a good butt kicker for women—I’m sure men could do it, but the toe pointing & calf work may make some men uncomfortable, tho somewhat more Gene Kelly-esque. The Barre I’m in is a Fusion class. So it’s with weights (for the upper body, shoulders & arms) & using the bar basically as a stabilizer while you use your own body weight & gravity to work hip to arches. Ive never stood on the balls of my toes for so long since I was horsing about as a young girl. I’ve never shook so badly while working out. Quads. Hello! There you are! It felt great! But, after discovering I apparently love the feeling of my muscles being maxed out, I’ve decided to take one more as well and try actual weights, Barre has taught me my left side is so pathetic—really. I think motherhood has turned my body to a sad little ball of goo. So, “Iron Reps”—no idea really what this means. Me at the gym & in a fitness class is kind of like being dropped in Korea with no English-Korean dictionary. A good friend teaches both so that makes it easy. She is a mom of four so hey, if she can do it, so can I. I’ve been indoor walking/jogging which is much easier on the IT Band issue I was having, keeps it warmer and the track is more forgiving than concrete. I am tired of feeling old & tired. So. If this is what it takes, so be it. I want to be able to still sit & knit & read, but I want to sit without the break down and aging of it, so, exercise is a must I guess. Who knew I’d like it tho. Didn’t see that one coming.

Frankly, I’m looking forward to not feeling weak anymore. I’m looking forward to feeling like sitting straight isn’t a chore. That my legs are strong again. I hate feeling age kicking my butt. Hate. It. I knew I needed to, but the hip pain was making it so impossible seeming. I didn’t realize I wasn’t helping it by simply walking and that I actually needed to build my glutes & quads again. So squats are my new secret pain pill. Every time my hip starts flaring up, ten more squats. It helps instantly. That’s just crazy. Good chiropractors—can’t compare to a doctor on so many things.

Thin Veils of Seclusion

one moment has gently folded itself

tight against the next

thin veils of seclusion where

winter has flexed it’s ribs against mine

frozen ocean, frozen sky—they’re heaving, cracking, buckling

my skin has become a sequence of wrinkles & rhymes

naturally tumbling, falling, stumbling

towards the close night, fumbling

the cold becomes

a thin veil of seclusion, where all confessions come gasping forth