Old Photos

Was looking for a new profile pic for social media (Charlotte has been my profile picture a couple months now) & came across this gem from last winter—it reminds me of where I am headed—back into the black & white world of Winter. 

I have always believed we have to accept what we do & do not have. I’ve been going through a new phase of mid-life body, it is not my favourite. The mid-section jelly rolls are getting quite annoying, & I think for the first time in my life I might actually need to do something active to keep that under control besides control top pantyhose. Lol. 

I’ve never had pretty legs in my opinion. I don’t care for my nose. My lips are not as plump as I would have liked. I’m getting wrinkle in my neck. My neck people! 

But, I have a few features I’m thankful for—my eyes. My dark lashes. My little fingers. I’ve never fought much to have definition in my arms. But ya, mid life is kicking my butt. Everything is aging now. Most especially my eyes. They don’t see like they used to. I hate it. But hey. Glasses have come a ways in style. 

So, seeing this shot of myself, while walking one cold winter day last year, my eyes. Man am I thankful I’ve had these eyes and I hope they last me another forty years should this system go on that long. But boy will I love getting them restored to youth one day. 


4 thoughts on “Old Photos

  1. Aging sucks. Lol I miss the “youth” but not the inexperience. I’ve been working to get back on an exercise and strength training program, put some muscle in the flab. Lol
    No matter what age, you’ll always be beautiful in mind, body, and soul. BIG HUGS & LOVE ❤❤❤
    P.s. you really do have gorgeous peepers! 😍


    1. Thanks. Lol. I am attempting to exercise more too. Why is that so hard?! I’ve never been weak muscled & lately I’m beginning to understand if I don’t start really trying, I’m going to just age really quickly.
      I do not miss inexperience either. At all. I like that part to aging & when grey hair comes that won’t bother me either. But yes, I want to feel strong & healthy despite aging. It’s just so much work. Whine whine.
      Hope you’re well & happy Chris. 💚


  2. You do have beautiful eyes, and I love the pink glow of your skin too. Yes, aging sucks. We have to look more inward to find images of our true self, and it’s jarring to see the reflection in the mirror so at odds with those images. Looking at it all with a sense of humor, as you do, really helps.


    1. Ha! The pink glow is winter wind. Only a corpse wouldn’t have that when you’re outside in it. Normally, living this far north, I’m pale like the snow. But thanks. Lol.
      Sense of humour helps with near everything from what I can tell. It’s just hard to conjure some days.
      Hope you’re well Deborah.


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