Gender Neutral—Awkward. I’m So Politically Incorrect. Sue me. 

So, there’s this old theatre on 109&87, used to be the Garneau. They’ve decided to be all trendy & politically correct and make both bathrooms gender neutal. Now, as far as gender whatever goes, I couldn’t give a flyin flip. So, my daughter & I go in the first washroom, two stalls, a wall of urinals—hmmm. Awesome. This gender neutral bathroom thing, I’m cool with it. I got this. No one is in here. No problem. 

I’m standing outside the stall guarding, as I do in non gender neutral bathrooms, when in walks an old guy, who, ya, looked about as comfortable with this as I was. Why he didn’t use the other stall versus the urinal, no idea. But, perhaps it was his own version of attempting to be cool with this. 

Anyways. That topped the charts for awkward experiences lately. No doubt for all three of us. Yay progress?

Later in the movie, she needs to pee again, so opt for the other “gender neutral” bathroom, previously known as the women’s, & out walks a guy. Seriously. Ya. I’m super not cool with it. I really would not be okay with my daughters using bathrooms with guys standing at urinals while they’re in stalls nearby. Call me cautious, suspicious, inconsiderate, rude, old-fashioned, a bigot, prejudice, discriminatory…I do not see grown men and young women sharing this space without some major concerns in a world filled with child porn & whatnot. Nope. I say, keep it the way it is. If you have a penis—here’s your restroom. If you have a vulva—here’s yours. 

If you’re a guy, but feel like a woman, well, if you act like a woman, dress like a woman—come on in. I’m suspecting the old guy felt the same about my daughter & I hanging out there while he was peeing. I mean, generally, women with their kids take extra time in bathrooms just standing there, waiting for a free stall, waiting for kids who seems to have not nearly enough fear of the germs in bathrooms as they sit there humming long after they could have gotten off the pot, while mother gets annoyed, so really, this doesn’t mix well with guys using urinals. Nope. Uncomfortable. 

Anyways. Guess now I can take my pee-style (google it) wherevs & stand & pee with the menfolk. 


Folkloric Tunic  

I said I’d finish it today, & tho I can’t always complete things when I think I can, I took the two hours it needed and sewed up the last seam and stitched the back support into the neckline. I still need to block it so it relaxes a bit, but all in all, this baby is finally done. My second ever sweater just in time for a gorgeous autumn weekend. Yay! 

Super proud of myself. It is lovely tho ever so slightly peculiar. Just like last year’s Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton knit. 

Folkloric Tunic 

…not to be forgotten, Benedicta below

You Might Be Canadian if You Still Can’t Believe These Are Not Internationally Recognized as Regular English Terms


In Alberta we say, “Couch” instead of Chesterfield, which is very Eastern Canadian. We also type “eh” but say, “hey” but with the same meaning. Again – west vs east thing. We also say “Kerfuffle” not “Keffuffle.” “Keener” & “Giv’n r” both very Ontarian as well as “pogey” & “twenty-sixer” which is “2-6” from what I’ve heard more frequently here. 

I actually don’t notice these things much until, I leave the country. Suddenly I sound like some crazed Canadian comedy even to myself. It’s somewhat embarrassing. But even more funny, is when Americans start to try to imitate you, and they sound like drunk New Yorkers. No. I don’t say “cawf-fee”—never in my life have I heard a Canadian say “cawwwwf-fee” only “coffee.” 

But when I see this list of words circulating it makes me laugh, because, these are pretty normal terms without explanation here, where as elsewhere we must sound ridiculous.  

It’s a Cold Love

Yay! So excited for this tonight. I could pretend they are not my favourite but, they are totally my favourite, ever since I had two wee babies & I escaped home life for an iddy-biddy concert with this cool laser show of green. They were amazing then, when pretty much no one knew who they were, and they are still ridiculous live. 

There are so many songs I am looking forward to hearing, singing along to, jumping along to & dancing to & frankly, I’ll probably cry along to a couple. Good music always makes me cry. Live music impacts harder. I’m not gonna even pretend that I won’t have some mild post-concert depression. I’ve been waiting five plus years to see them again. Three of my kiddos are going. It’s going to be so fun! 

In the Wee Hours…

So, I have completed three weeks of daily Bible reading having missed and needed to catch up, just twice. So far, I’ve read 67 chapters of the Bible not including the weekly bible reading. My goal was DAILY Bible reading, and tho it can get tricky to find time, more than once, the wee hours of the night seem quite available to be used for quiet prayful reading. 

So far, the hardest reading has been in Joshua when the lists of kings & nations conquered by the Israelites after they crossed the Jordan. I did make an effort to notice the accent markers and mentally pronounce every nation & city & individual properly. 

The biggest surprise has been how cohesive the scriptures are; why, I’m not sure. I guess because I’m rotating themes I didn’t expect to always feel the Bible’s cohesion of its main theme, God’s Kingdom, as easily. But I was wrong. Whether reading in Joshua or Isaiah or Romans, there is the feeling of climactic nearness of God’s Kingdom. Each psalm or prophecy or recorded event feels so inner-connected despite the centuries of time that lie between them. Even tonight as I read from Romans 5&6 about sin, baptism, righteousness in the human sense, it was so connected to our human laments & the poetry of Job from earlier in the week; to Jesus teachings recorded in Matthew, to the haughtiness of the Canaanite rulers destroyed by God in Joshua. Everything fits so well together helping the reader understand better how God seems to view us, others, the large picture. It’s helping me get to know Him, if through very imperfect eyes, better, bit by bit. 

There are so many scriptures I’ve read & pondered, sometimes for the beauty of their phrasing, sometimes because I needed to cross reference everything available, sometimes for the hard impact they have, sometimes because they feel new & unnoticed previously to me. I actually love when that happens, that a scripture I know I’ve read before, suddenly has a new light to it. 

I think because I’m not stuck to chronological order, but still reading sizable chunks & rotating back to each book every seven days, it changes the perspective of the reading. It allows you to not tire of it. 

Anyways, caught up for now. And later today, two of my daughters get baptized. I’ll be recommmending they read Romans 5&6. Great perspective on this very important step they’ve made in their lives. 

I’m a happy & proud mom today. 

September: Always A Highlight

First off—September’s Broadcast—truly encouraging. How does every month have things so spot on for my family? Truly always surprises me tho I should not be anymore. August’s Broadcast was such an encouragement to us since we have so many young women in our household. September features the Ft McMurray wildfire. The convention six weeks later was ours. These brothers & sisters are part of our circuit, and this coming weekend we have our Circuit Assembly this weekend. 

And, my two oldest daughters, ages 17 & 18 are getting baptized. My third daughter was just approved as an unbaptized publisher & they’re all doing very well. The two oldest had requested to be baptized at the summer convention, but the brothers felt they should wait. They’ve continued to progress & so, a month & a half later, they are. 

Some people think the mission of Witnesses is to just rack up numbers & baptize as many as possible like some assembly line. Not so. It takes much personal commitment & hard work to reach baptism. Our elder body is very cautious concerning approval for being a publisher or baptism. They want to know you are motivated by love for Jehovah, and know you fully understand dedicating your life to Jehovah. Both my daughters dedicated their lives to Jehovah in personal prayers some time ago. But this next step of publicly symbolizing that dedication & the public identification of being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, more than ever, is one not to be taken lightly. When in some parts of the world it is actually illegal to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, to teach, or to even read the Bible or sing songs or worship in any other way, the brothers want to make sure you know what you’re committing to, and that it is heartfelt. 

Often we hear lies in the media about who we are, what we believe, why we believe it, what our motives are…it’s disgusting. Yet somehow, more and more people keep being drawn to Jehovah in these difficult times. I truly believe people know this world cannot continue as it is & something big has to happen & that humans are making a big monstrous mess of things. If they take a look, they will see & know, there is a creator, he does care, and the time when he will step in, is getting very very close. 

So above & beyond the beautiful autumn colours, the breath taking September skies, the wonderful crisp to the air, September is especially this year, of particular note. Truly a lovely month. 

Old Photos

Was looking for a new profile pic for social media (Charlotte has been my profile picture a couple months now) & came across this gem from last winter—it reminds me of where I am headed—back into the black & white world of Winter. 

I have always believed we have to accept what we do & do not have. I’ve been going through a new phase of mid-life body, it is not my favourite. The mid-section jelly rolls are getting quite annoying, & I think for the first time in my life I might actually need to do something active to keep that under control besides control top pantyhose. Lol. 

I’ve never had pretty legs in my opinion. I don’t care for my nose. My lips are not as plump as I would have liked. I’m getting wrinkle in my neck. My neck people! 

But, I have a few features I’m thankful for—my eyes. My dark lashes. My little fingers. I’ve never fought much to have definition in my arms. But ya, mid life is kicking my butt. Everything is aging now. Most especially my eyes. They don’t see like they used to. I hate it. But hey. Glasses have come a ways in style. 

So, seeing this shot of myself, while walking one cold winter day last year, my eyes. Man am I thankful I’ve had these eyes and I hope they last me another forty years should this system go on that long. But boy will I love getting them restored to youth one day.