Don’t Give Up!

Another Convention has come & gone. That’s always a tough thing. These conventions are never enough it feels. 

Here in Canada, we had over 101 000 tied in together for some of the talks. Here in Edmonton, we had over 14 000 in attendance & I must say, hearing the final phrase of Song 20 sung by 14 000 people brought me to tears. How lovely all those voices were. 

All in all I didn’t find the content nearly as emotional as last year, which was a lovely break from being blotchy faced embarrassed. But wow the program was well targeted to give us the encouragement we need to keep enduring life’s difficulties. All the points on how to improve our spiritual endurance despite the worsening conditions around the earth was a much needed vitamin shot. 

I can’t wait for next year’s convention all ready. I never tire of being with my brothers & sisters & finding every year, more & more are responding to Jehovah’s welcome. It is so encouraging to see so many finding refreshment for their tired souls from Jehovah’s word the Bible & relief from this wicked world & its pressures. 

Love. What a beautiful gift it is. To be a part of this place full of warm & loving people is a true blessing in a bleak world. 

I would say more, but frankly, I never know who could stumble across this & I don’t want to wreck the program or the surprise of the convention releases for anyone who hasn’t had their convention yet. 

Kyra had a study of hers attend for Sunday’s program for the first time, tho, if your studies can attend for all three days that’s always nice. But it’s tough for new ones to take in that much spiritual information in such a short time. The program was very much for those of us who’ve needed the encouragement to endure despite our own failings; aging; financial stress; illness & discouragement. That, is everyone who has made the truth their own. Satan hates us & attacks us in ways to break our endurance. 

In Canada we heard talks by Brother Herd & Brother Hyatt. Let me say, Brother Samuel Herd, what a character. Also, I don’t recall one speaker on the program who was not a full time minister. Not one. That’s a first that I can recall. I loved that too. How valuable the teaching ability of these ones is to us all. 

So now I have to wait patiently for next year’s convention & I’m happy to have new goals to set & reach. 

A small goal I set last year, being a mom of five, I’m realistic about my life, was to start to play guitar for the very specific purpose of playing some of our Kingdom songs. Well, tho I’m still working on perfecting it, I can play The Joy of Conventions. I can’t sing along yet. But, I’m going to get there. But I’ve picked a couple songs from the Sing to Jehovah book that I’d like to learn to play, the melody part, and if I ever learn to sing & play, the accompaniment part eventually so I can play & sing. I want to memorize quite a few of these songs. On my list so far, Song 77, Light in a Darkened World; Song 44, The Prayer of the Lowly One; Song 141, The Miracle of Life; & of course, Song 20, You Gave Your Precious Son. I’m sure there’s many more but these are fresh in my mind today. I have learned and sung the old songs since childhood & having these newer songs, the simple touching melodies & powerful phrasing & heart stirring lyrics, I’m a happy lady to be able to learn them & I LOVE singing them. Even my 6 year old said to me after the convention, “I love singing these songs, they make me so happy.” Exactly what music is supposed to do for the soul. 

So, Goals have been made. Hearts have been stirred. Tears have been shed. Strength has been renewed. I hate the post-convention days where we get consumed by the world to a degree again. It feels heavy & sticky & so another goal is to really work on my daily Bible reading & my joy, the quality of my prayers, to be specific & take ‘note’ on my devices of specific prayers answered. For the record, I have experienced many times, but especially in the last couple years specific answers to prayers. But I’ve not been ‘noting’ them. So, Saturday after the program, something had been bothering me, I prayed about it because it had really made it difficult to focus on the right things that night while I was recalling the day’s program. I then, started to read the verses at 2 Peter 1:5-8, 10. There was a little snippet I wanted to understand better so I looked up the cross reference scripture in that section which took me to Philippians 2:12, which reads, “keep working out YOUR own salvation with fear & trembling.” Which, had everything to do with the topic of my prayer to Jehovah. Then, through the course of a search for bible texts I came across two more scriptures that I never would have thought to read that applied to my prayer. *noted* 

The entire thing that had bothered me Saturday night was gone from my mind completely. Jehovah is able to speak to us directly, counsel us, correct us, show his love for us individually, if only we take the time to ask, to study, to meditate. After so many years of knowing Jehovah it is only more recently that I’ve begun to utilize this powerful way of being taught. I do not have the answers to my questions or concerns. He does. It takes time & effort to search out the answers & humility to accept them, but what a reward it is to be taught by the Creator of this vast & awe-inspiring universe. The humility to accept my imperfections, acknowledge them— I’m working on it. I really am. But not on my own. What a unproductive thing to work at these things on your own. Jehovah is “the one teaching us to benefit ourselves”— I must always keep that close in mind. 


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