This is a milestone for all of us. Xav finished up his first yr of school, his teacher, at age 67 has officially retired & taught two of my kids there kinder year, & I officially had my youngest finish his first year. Graduating class of 2029, that’s creepy. 

I think I am more excited for what comes next than anyone. I officially will have full, uninterrupted days of life between 8:30 & 3:30 to be a stay at home homemaker after literally, 19 years of having preschoolers & homeschoolers. That phase, for the present, is done. 

I feel so uncertain that this is socially acceptable this day in age, but I would like to just be me. Will that eventually turn into a job I do at home that makes an income? Maybe. But I do know that someone has to be here as the constant for this many people. That’s always been my job, and I somehow see myself being able to focus on the aspects of ‘home-making’ (for lack of a better word) that I’ve always had to just barely get by between strange schedules, sleep deprivation, physical exhaustion, & lack of time to actually perfect something. 

I’m excited. I feel like I’ve earned the slightly less insane pace of being a stay at home mom to school age & grown kids. Man, have I ever earned it. No one can tell you how grueling this career choice is. No one would believe how mentally,, emotionally & physically exhausting it is after a duration of it that I’ve known. What a wonderful time of my life this is. I thoroughly enjoy all my kids in all their age groups, and this combination of older & younger at the same time without the trampling preschool era weighing in anymore, allows me to have a little energy for life again. How thankful I am for that. 


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