How Home Hits…

Well, that was a early jump on summer. Edmonton had been hotter than Florida in Thursday night, but upon returning was not anymore, was about 10C so felt quite cold & rain here is not like rain in Florida, it is cold & hits like little ice pellets. Welcome home, Alberta was saying with a snicker, just in case we thought we would come home to. Early the same temperatures it decided to remind us to put on some clothes & turn on the heat. 

All in all, our first time taking our littlest in a plane & a vacation to somewhere not Canadian, was awesome. We didn’t get in everything we wanted to, our energy was mostly consumed by parks & pool but it was super fun & a great first adventure for foreign travel with young children. 

What I still feel about the Disney parks is: if you can’t afford it, not to worry. Your kids & you as a parent are not missing something life changing. I’m going to take a rare moment to brag & say, I have kids that don’t seem to melt down at a park in the heat, but we were unusual. I’d been planning my stadegy for weeks & had gone with that as a primary focus, have fun, but if your kids start melting, emotionally or physically, it’s time to leave. The parks are fun, but not life changing. I’ve easily enjoyed the trips we’ve taken to the mountains & ocean & frankly, Winnipeg on grueling road trips just as much. The rides and expressions & excitement they generate, of course that’s awesome fun. But such simple things like your kids just playing in sand & waves is awesome too. Taking them to see wildlife, & camping, & board games & long talks, these are all incredibly amazing & fun. Take them tubing on a river in real life instead of a theme park, & sing silly songs & listen to them prattle on about nothing. Watch old movies with them & take the time to get to know them. If Disney never happens it is no big loss. It is easily replaced by other fun adventures. 


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