Hockey & Humidity

So, beer & hockey & humidity—that’s a fun evening outside…after what I’d say is the most skippable park ever. I should not have to pay to ‘drink around the world’ & Soaring is awesome but there must be another way to enjoy that. Epcot is kind of pointless. But hey, I got to advertise via Disney button that I’m from Canada & Canada is 150 yrs this year. 

So that’s Day 4 of 5, Day 3 was at the Magic Kingdom for round two. Rides worth hitting—Snow White, & Splash Mountain. Honorable mention, Thunder Mountain, & worst ever, Stitch & the pizza belch. What was that ride? No idea. It wasn’t even a ride. Lamest ever. Little Mermaid, bleh. So not worth it either. Skipped so many rides geared towards little little kids. 

So far, not having done Animal Kingdom yet, best rides are: Soaring;  Tower of Terror; Splash Mountain; Star Tours; Rockin’ Roller Coaster; Snow White; hmm. For little kids, Peter Pan was great too. Pirates, over-rated. River Boat was a nice little break. 

But looking forward to a day of rest & then, on to Animal Kingdom, which may be the one I’ve been looking forward to most. 


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