Florida-Fried Brain

Florida-Fried Brain is what I see when people are driving the I-4 in the rain and smack into the guard rails because, um, hello, speed people. You don’t need to rush to get yourselves into an accident. Florida-Fried Brain will cause you to forget 90% of the knowledge your brain holds leaving the useless 10% only. 

Cocoa Beach was lovely & still we managed to not get a sunburn or die, tho, I think we are all beginning to understand humidity. That being said, we are also beginning to understand air conditioning. What a difference. Very important here. When it gets up to 30 plus in Edmonton air conditioning is a rare thing to come across so we just bake & suddenly find ourselves with a case of Florida-Fried Brain. 

Kids did park 2 & lived to tell the tale of the Tower of Terror, twice. That was all good fun & now even our most chicken-child is sold on rides. 

Can’t wait to see & do more with them. 


2 thoughts on “Florida-Fried Brain

  1. Hahahaha “florida-fried brain”. It’s true! You’re visiting my ole stomping grounds! 😉 How fun! It does get hot as hell there and the humidity is killer in a deceptive way. Y’all deserve a medal or at a lollipop for not getting sunburned or dying too! Brava! I hope the rest of your trip goes as smoothly. BIG HUGS & LOVE ❤😘 c


    1. 🙂 it has been wonderful so far. The kids have had a truly wonderful time. They really just want to live here. All of them do. They just love the heat & sun. I can’t imagine working in this heat tho. That being said, it’s been almost this warm at home this week apparently. But I’ve never sweat this much in my life. It is humid for sure. But hair & skin! Amazing. Love it. Much nicer here because of that. So, it’s a pro/con thing.
      We’ve been super careful to limit length of time we’re all out in the sun.
      Anyway. Another few days. Loving it.


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