Tired Feet

Things that’ll kick your butt—going on Splash Mountain one more time after the fireworks. 

The Magic Kingdom was cool. We are still learning to navigate heat, sun & kids but, no one dehydrated & no one burnt. Late afternoon rainstorm—waited out, no prob. So, we got through it, tho we were too hot to even think to check the temperature. Hell. Hot as hell I am pretty sure it would have said, so why bother checking. Even the Louisianans were saying they were melting so I think that means we did all right. Not too shabby for our first real foray into Floridian heat at a park, or anywhere for that matter. Not a doubt the most I’ve ever sweat in my whole life, combined. And real tired is, skipping the shower & falling asleep without bothering. 

Real question: do we sideline all plans for today & recover so we can do it all again tomorrow…🤔


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