This is a milestone for all of us. Xav finished up his first yr of school, his teacher, at age 67 has officially retired & taught two of my kids there kinder year, & I officially had my youngest finish his first year. Graduating class of 2029, that’s creepy. 

I think I am more excited for what comes next than anyone. I officially will have full, uninterrupted days of life between 8:30 & 3:30 to be a stay at home homemaker after literally, 19 years of having preschoolers & homeschoolers. That phase, for the present, is done. 

I feel so uncertain that this is socially acceptable this day in age, but I would like to just be me. Will that eventually turn into a job I do at home that makes an income? Maybe. But I do know that someone has to be here as the constant for this many people. That’s always been my job, and I somehow see myself being able to focus on the aspects of ‘home-making’ (for lack of a better word) that I’ve always had to just barely get by between strange schedules, sleep deprivation, physical exhaustion, & lack of time to actually perfect something. 

I’m excited. I feel like I’ve earned the slightly less insane pace of being a stay at home mom to school age & grown kids. Man, have I ever earned it. No one can tell you how grueling this career choice is. No one would believe how mentally,, emotionally & physically exhausting it is after a duration of it that I’ve known. What a wonderful time of my life this is. I thoroughly enjoy all my kids in all their age groups, and this combination of older & younger at the same time without the trampling preschool era weighing in anymore, allows me to have a little energy for life again. How thankful I am for that. 


Travel Journal Jewelry

Sarah is still off work from her surgery so now that the school year is done this seems to be what she’s focusing on. She’s collecting older antique & vintage dictionaries & turning the images into pendants and adding her own homemade embellishments. I think they look really good. Hoping to build an inventory for Etsy or to rent a table at a local Farmer’s Market. 

Entrepreneurials, that’s what I’m calling the post Millenials. They have been raised by genX & yet have the internet at the fingertips to gain skills & to market themselves & their skills. Love it. 

What Once Was Beauty…

from within the narrow tunnel
the howling paroxysm
of the sunspent sky
cunvulsions of hail & lightning
& all that had been, so subtle
so touched with that fair tip of
summer’s brush was blown wild & wide
with gaping seams torn, jagged gentle agonies tossed about like refuse
common became the corpse of such spendor

we sat, ragged & a little beyond,
in the netherworld, waking, but still finding the nightmare
lives & breathes, on & on

(Below, a small clip after it felt safe enough to return to the main floor after waking the kids & taking them to the basement) 

Our neighbour is a little wrecked up and that was the worst storm I’ve personally been in. Was super loud & super scary. Brief. But scary. Other parts of the city didn’t even get rain, while at our house it was so loud between the hail, the debris, the rain, and the wind I wasn’t sure that it wasn’t a tornado at the time. I was definitely concerned the willow would blow over. Had to get the kids out of possible harm’s way. Better safe than sorry. Made last week’s wind storm look like a sweet tree balet. I’ve never seen the trees bend that way. Wild weather these days. 

Summer’s Unimaginable Beauty

Summer comes & goes quickly & winter comes back far too soon, but right at this moment, summer feels lovely & fresh. 

The kids spent the weekend peeling sticks & twigs from willow branches that were downed in last week’s wicked wind storm, I think they make great decoration. 

I was concerned the garden wouldn’t survive absence this summer, so I planted lettuce & kale & let the chives & dill & last years unharvested onions take over. I put in an Icelandic Poppy that should naturalize in the cracks of the stones  & provide a draw for pollinators. I planted Lupins & hardy flowering succulents. I lost two blueberries to winterkill, so now I’m down to two left, and hoping they survive because the few berries they produce are delicious. ​

I never tire of summers under this tree.