Journey into Old Dog Years

So, after a week of assessing the situation, changing Nysa’s food, I finally got her into the vet. 

The reality is, without the x-ray the best guess is an abssessed tooth, but it could be a tumor. But, the vet also assured me, with or without surgery & x-ray & all, she’ll be lucky to live another year. She is at her life expectancy time of 11-13 yrs, she is 12. 

So, we made the decision to make her as comfortable as possible until further notice. She’s on antibiotics & a short term anti-inflammatory in hopes it gives her a few more months, but if after two weeks on the antibiotics the infection remains it’ll be time to make the call. Next would come kidney, liver &/or heart damage so, it’ll be our call how long we’d want to keep her alive & since the pain would only increase, I’m guessing we’d just do the honorable thing & take her in before it gets too bad. 

What a strange process of accepting these creatures don’t live forever. But hearing the vet say that many just try this way at this point & then put them down before it gets too bad makes me feel better, tho I can’t say for sure this makes it easier. 


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