Drugs Are Drugs Are Drugs

This is the only version of Black Hole Sun I’ve heard live. This was stuck in my head on replay ALL day yesterday, this version, tho I did not listen to it until today. 

It seems a common thread in the tales of artists & suicide that they were on something that made them go crazy that caused them to commit suicide. 

Personally, I have yet to hear or personally see a positive course of mental medications from start to finish. Literally everyone I know who’s decided to take medication for anxiety & depression have gone through a terrible time, most even either becoming suicidal or attempting suicide. Some have the sense to commit themselves before it got that bad, but all in all, messing with the body chemistry has not gone well, without major issues for anyone I know. 

That being said, I don’t doubt that some people need medication to function, frankly, I think writing, music, video games, alcohol, exercise…can all be used as ways of coping from what I’ve seen. But generally some coping techniques are safer. 

People who take anxiety medications & antidepressants, in my opinion, need a very extensive personal network of individuals who are deeply in tune with what’s going on & should be under close supervision. Especially if they are prone to addictions & unpredictable. 

Now that it has come out that Chris Cornell was on Ativan, it all makes me less angry, and I had assumed something would be behind such a shocking turn. I have little doubt that prescription medication will be found as playing a suspected roll in his death. 

May anyone who feels the need to be on these medications stick close to their loved ones & speak up if they are having suicidal thoughts. It’s heart breaking that after seeking help for anxiety, these people become so susceptible to suicidal tendencies. 


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