Things I LOVE: Canadian Music 

So, there are some of us that have such a long history in this country, our blood is so mixed & wild with snow & history; when I hear this kind of music it seriously gives me goosebumps. May this band keep rolling out electric traditional sounds. It’s long overdue that the indiginous people are heard loud & clear in every way. 

Last week I got to see the Edmonton Symphony with my youngest daughter & Wandering Thunder dance troup was preforming with them & it nearly brought me to tears seeing hoop dancing & full feathered dancing performances. POW WOW! What a sight. 


2 thoughts on “Things I LOVE: Canadian Music 

  1. I found this on iTunes and loved it so much I bought it! Very different. I almost felt like it was stirring up ancient ancestors in me, back to the days of tribes and living with the earth. So thank you! ❤


    1. Awesome! I have the benefit of having an iTunes subscription so I have unlimited downloads, kind of like Netflix. Whew. Saves me money & man I love the constant influx of music.
      I felt the same way when I first heard it. Heart stirring.
      Have a great weekend Chris.


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