So it’s typically like me—I’m melting.  After getting snow last week it’s also typical of Alberta Notth to roast us all alive. Here, it’s hard to explain but the wind dries everything out, the leaves haven’t opened yet & the lack of ozone layer or something to that effect is brutal. 

When I was in Florida & the temps were some degrees hotter, it was comfortable. Here, ya.  No. It’s uncomfortable to do yard work in the full sun but after months of snow is so necessary. So—yard work was done, sweat was expelled along with eight months of toxic build-up from indoor life. 

It’s lovely & sunny & my lips are probably sunburnt which feels much like windburn. Freckles pop & hair lightens & I feel a little less sloth-ish due to activity & Vit D. Yep. Same as every other spring. 


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