Day 2 of Strawberry Scones

I cannot say enough about home baking helping cope with the length of cold & snow this far north…


2 thoughts on “Day 2 of Strawberry Scones

  1. Those look amazing! I’m on my way!! Lol 😉 I love the smell of homemade baked goods in the house. Plus the taste too. Sometimes it’s a bummer to go out to eat because I think “i could have done better at home”. Lol I hope y’all get to see spring soon! We’re knee deep in it. I might venture into the forest over the weekend to check out the wildflowers in blooming abundance. BIG HUGS & LOVE from your southern neighbor ❤🌷


    1. Thanks for your visit Chris. Happy to hear spring is where you are. I think we still have another day of snow in the forecast. Maybe that’ll change.
      Hope you’re well & enjoy those flowers for me. 💕


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