Don’t Give Up! Convention

We are so excited already for this summer’s convention. 

Ours is at Roger’s Place July 21-23. Almost all of Canada has their convention that weekend and we will be tied in for parts to the special convention in Toronto. Do you know the odds of getting that many venues on the same weekend, all unbooked, coincidentally? Slim to none. That was Jehovah’s doing. My older brother & his wife will be here from their assignment in Tanzania & my two oldest daughters are hoping to be baptized at the convention too. 

For so many of us this is a retreat from the angst & harsh of the world. I avoid the news most days because I simply can’t handle the way it affects me. I find I sleep better not knowing too much. Inevitably some amount of information filters through to me, but it is more manageable if I’m not watching it unfold on tv. I no longer need to know how bad it’s getting. I know Jehovah will step in and fix things when the time is right and everything else, frankly, I feel must be set down.  I can’t carry it all. I will always wonder how people in the world at large survive mentally & emotionally, what hope they have about it all—violence, environment, political—I do not know how they cope. I suppose they numb themselves as much as possible. But what answer does that give to the issues that plague us all? And the agony then of having no answer, no hope? Just a future that leads to some futile death? 

If nothing else, this love for God & the blessings he promises, coupled up with love of others compels me to hope all who are saddened & seeking hope & answers hear what we knock at their doors to say. I get that people are annoyed by us. I hate getting off my couch to answer the door, or the phone, for people I’m not expecting. But when you see someone suddenly ‘hear’ the truth for the future of the earth & humanity, it’s worth the scolding some throw at us. The clean unmuddled simplicity of the Bible truths clearly laid out & explained, filtered free of the man made power hungry doctrine so many were taught as children, is amazing to share. 

I sometimes forget how bewildering church doctrine can be, not having been raised in it. Easter just passed I was reminded how this bunny holiday is just a crazy spin on fertility & hey, for really dizzying effects they loop it up with Jesus death & ressurection. The really religious celebrate it in such bizarre non biblical ways, adding fuel to the fires of contempt for the Bible burning in the hearts of atheists the world over. Excellent. 

The simplicity of remembering why Jesus died & how that effects us now has been long forgotten by the pious. What price did he pay? The inherent sin Adam passed to all his offspring. If that price is paid, the whole of humanity has a new door opened to them, one they would have had if Adam had never sinned. If Adam had not passed sin and death to us all, death, would not exist. God’s original purpose—a peaceful perfect earth filled with loving subjects who do not die, as angels do not die, would exist now.

It’s such a simple theme of the Bible, this restoration of God’s will to be on earth as it is in heaven—Of a future that is free of sin & death for all. For a ressurection as Jesus showed was possible for those who’ve died so they may have the choice to serve & love Jehovah. That purity and easiness of truth unadulterated with pagan teaching & ritual is so refreshing and so hope inspiring. 

This summer’s convention “Don’t Give Up!” we all need it. It’s not easy being different & hearing things said about your faith that is simply not true, there are so many pressures & frankly, it’s hard work to keep your spirituality & heart free of contamination & it would just be easier to stay home, rather than go out in the dark, in the cold, to meetings or in service. It’s so hard to keep fighting when it feels you’re being water-boarded with lies & indifference. Satan knows how to erode us each individually. To not give up & keep building faith, we each know the work & inner strength it takes to keep going & keep learning to rely on Jehovah in a world that just doesn’t see it that way. 

A sister said an interesting thing not long ago that I keep thinking about: she said, we know it’s the truth because we may be tired, we may be discouraged, but, then, we get ourselves here to the hall, and it takes a few minutes sometimes, but the tired washes off us, we feel happy. We sit there, perhaps comment, we listen, we hear the thoughts of our brothers & sisters & we just feel happy again. Why? Why when we were so tired are we happy? Because Jehovah made us this way—to take in spiritual food & to think on it, speak about it. We have this spiritual component to us. We are made to be here, with Jehovah & his people. So when we comply to this need, it’s like drinking when you’re thirsty; eating when you’re hungry; sleeping when you’re tired; we are designed to thrive off spiritual truth. We can feel it nourish our souls. 

How right she is. How wonderfully we are made to not only love Jehovah’s truth but recognize it in a world filled to the brim with untruths. 


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