The Melding of Things

I am probably the slowest of guitar learners. Partially because, I have a life, a busy one that requires time thievery to learn anything. Partially because I like so many things. But this weekend I started learning a song with B7 in it—*melt & meld* (that’s what my heart does when it hears this chord.)

I can’t even properly explain what happens when you play a little riff or (even better) write a little riff & it pulls on the insides of you—it tears your guts out a little & I love it. Some chords have the exact level of longing in them that is so beautiful it’s indescribable. Both these chords placed beside more common, purer chords with small variations in picking patterns can be so lovely. 

I get this deep restfulness when I’m able to really start to get into a song. I wish I’d begun this when I was younger & learning was faster & easier. 


2 thoughts on “The Melding of Things

  1. Beautiful! That “melt and meld” feeling. I get that too from certain kinds of music, and combination of colors. Indigo blue and deep gold, I’m using those a lot in some paintings, and that’s what those colors in contrast and combination do to me. Makes me go deep and wide.


    1. Ahhh. Love that feeling. I get it from colour combinations too. Cyan & copper-tinged brown; indigos of several shades with silver; storm sky grey & lush spring green, that one, indescribable. “Deep & wide”. Exactly. Hope your weekend was lovely Deborah.


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