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Counter Lawsuit Thrown Out

The last one, I have to take a deep breath— it is political repression. We all know it and we’ve all felt it. Everyday, we feel the pressure to worship our various countries & flags. What makes us united is our refusal to do so, our refusal to take up arms against those of other nationalities…  I am thankful to be in the region of the world I’m in but, all the warring of this world, that divisiveness, so much of it is politically inspired, often the most powerful church of the region, blessing and backing the political regime dujour. 

To say what is happening in Russia is not political repression is a full out lie. Thankfully, I believe is mankinds justice as much as their politics—not at all. 

Sadly, this makes a Supreme Court decision against us easier. 

We are not our countries, we are our hearts & hopes & today more than usual. 


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