The Ides

The dawning Ides

What waste the winter has laid

At the soles of my feet

Heaven bleeds open 

Gathering all the melodies

Of angels & birds but even these

Could not take the snow away…
Spitfire, age 8, has been home from school this week with The Wicked Cough. She’s a creative one. She’s been bored and so, on a trek to the craft store I picked up a knitting loom for her. I have never knit using one but it seemed something a kid might learn and enjoy. It’s way faster & easier than traditional knitting and a great way to start & complete a project or at least, ingrain this habit of completion which can get more and more difficult for people because the older you get the harder the projects and the more draws on your time. Project completion will always be a struggle for me. Always. I’m trying to teach my kids this ability young. 

So, after a very short time & a quick YouTube tutorial, here is her first touque about half way complete. She’s super proud of herself, and I’m proud of her too. 


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