The Vastness of The World

​​This is definitely one of the cheesiest things I’ve done, I couldn’t help it tho. I’d headed to Wekiva Springs on my own, letting the kids laze the morning away. My last morning somewhere so vastly different from where I live calls for one last venture out. 

So here’s the thing, I didn’t realize you could just go swimming there or I would have. The water was so warm for first thing in the morning. But I settled for a walk instead. I was the only person on the walk which I’m sure later in the day must get busy. 

A major difference in Florida, no music on the walk. Critters skitter on both sides as you walk along. Lizards & squirrels everywhere. While walking the boardwalk I saw the very definite trail of a gator, through the leaves exposing the mud, under the walk and on through the underbrush. You don’t want to go off the paths I’m thinking. 

Anyways, that early in the day it was so serene. The silence aside from the jungle sounds was so peaceful. I came across the bench build at the mid way point and had to just sit and soak in everything. The green, the wind, the sky, the vines…its like a different planet from the one I live on. 

So I’m sitting there drinking in this ridiculous warmth & light and had to make the following cheesy video, so I don’t forget, places like this exist, tho I live in the heart of winter. 

So what a difference a day & a few thousand km makes. 

March 7 & 8, 2017


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