St. Augustine 

So, today was kind of a mashup of what we’d not done yet that was on the list. We found ourselves at Lake Jesup but not the part we wanted, kind of the creepy back boat launch area, which, is what happens when you don’t pre-scout it out online & trust GPS. I should know that already. 

Regardless, I’ve driven lots of central Florida & Firecracker says it just feels like home to her, even the creepy old places she is quite taken with. She had a good time, which was my main objective. 

Then we took the 95 up to Old Dixie Highway turn off and headed towards A1A, a route that took us along High Bridge Road, which is this cute little twisty bit of road flanked by trees & swamp that is breath takingly beautiful. There are a few turn outs to pull off the road and I suggest the time should be taken to slow down & do that. You pop out right at the ocean and tho the wind was wild wild wild, we pulled off right there and explored the floatsome a bit & felt happy despite the cold. Yes. I said cold. Apparently I’ve forgotten it snow stormed all weekend at home. 

We mostly just photographed the jellies that had blown in and tried to not get caught in the surf because there was some discussion exactly whom would pee on whom if they got stung. Very lady-like conversations we have. 

Then we carried on up the coast to St. Augustine & Firecracker enjoyed the fort. Frankly, both Kawaii & I have been there so it was not too amazing for us. But it wasn’t about us. We walked the streets a bit, but, other than the quaintness it’s not our kind of stores too much. We like the old stuff, not the new, or worse, the new pretending to be old. 

The highlight for me, was discovering Catch 27, a cute little restaurant that worked well since it was indoor seating and a blustery day, but the food was awesome. I think the best I had the whole trip. Fish Tacos, because that’s my thing, Clam Chowder which was a tomato base spicy little soup was amazing, lemonade & Key Lime Pie. Kids had potato wedges & salad & Firecracker had one of my tacos. Hands down, their home made Key Lime kicked Ocean Deck’s ass. Way better! It may be my objective from here on in to have an ongoing battle of the Fish Tacos & the Key Lime Pie. Had the Tacos at FishLips in Cocoa the other day—SUCKED. Worst I’ve had here. Bland, boring. Really boring dish. Anyways. 

Last night’s food was Cobb Salad at The House of Blues, super good. Had calamari and it was good too. A little too expensive but good for and, they have a location that allows them the slight gouge. Not terrible prices. But not great. The place we were at today had insane portions for a great price in such a touristy location. 

Anyway, then on back to the house, unfortunately a little later than we wanted to be. Was a long drive, but, I think it’s safe to say, my nerves about traveling without another full fledged adult are extinguished. 

I drove all over the area, and aside from some GPS mishaps, I’m actually starting to get to know the area. I didn’t get into Mt. Dora this trip but I know how to, and so I’m feeling so proud of myself for driving all the major highways and even starting to navigate without the GPS. 

Tomorrow, back to home, but first, I’m hoping a couple stops along the way to the airport. Some last minute nature & history. Then home to the snow and thirty-ish degree temperature difference. I’m not looking forward to that. Plus, everyone at home is sick with a wicked cough, cold & fever. I’ll be making my special home brew soup full of crazy things. It’s been a long week for dad who is now sick too. Boy, do I know that well. Too sick to eat properly and take care of yourself because you’re taking care of the sick. Yuck. Hoping my double doses of oregano oil keep whatever it is away. I’ve avoided all the coughs & colds all winter since I started the Oregano 8 again when I was super sick through the summer into fall last year. I’ve felt them nagging at me and then lose the battle to gain hold. The dry forced air is so brutal on the respiratory tract. It’s always hard to stay healthy in the winter there. This little reprieve has completely cured my sinus headaches that I wake with every single day at home. Dry air. Yuck. I guess they say the humidity here will kill ya, but so will the dry. Such extremes. 

Today was long but fun and tomorrow will be even longer, but, I miss my other people. I look forward to snuggling them all up. 


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