Kaleo—House of Blues Orlando

This was an amazing show. JJ has a wicked voice. He can wail. The bassest & guitarist are both ridiculous good & the drummer was wicked too. All four of these guys are great musicians and I don’t think any girls/women where sad to see this collective of talented men. Some things are just super cool, Kaleo, is one of them. 

Kyra narrowly missed getting the bassist’s pick when he threw it out to the audience, it fell on the wrong side of the security barrier (we were second row!) so, after someone else had gone around and grabbed it. She stopped then, and being a bassist herself, bought it for ten bucks. Good girl. Apparently they were having an eye contact moment all through the show. Lol. I’m sure those boys enjoy their job. 

These guys have a long career ahead of them. They are varied in style and frankly, best cover of Bang Bang I ever heard—Was a massive broken heart bleeding. I could go again. Oh wait! We are! Turns out this was a shocking twist of events that we saw them down here. In a couple weeks they’re up in Edmonton with The Lumineers. For me, I’m going for Kaleo, I always was, but I’m hoping I enjoy The Lumineers just as much. 

I had decided some time ago not to take many photos or footage during concerts because it never can touch what it was really like and so this was no exception. These guys were truly amazing, worth seeing live and sound BETTER live than recorded. Hope they don’t let the spotlight wreck them. Seems so far, they’re a humble group, sure hope they stay that way. ​


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