Some things in life are predicatably over-rated. I hate this feature of life. 

Movies that get critical acclaim; strawberries with champagne; getting drunk; staying young looking; theme parks. Not to say there is not a joy or legitimate good to these things, there is, but, there is a great chance, I learned young in life, that many things are over-rated. I have a particularly simplistic palette where things & activities are concerned. 

Friday was ‘theme park’ day, and well, I’ve not been to one since I was a kid. Hm. Well, it was fun. I had a good time. The kids did too. I screamed probably the loudest. But, basically, for the cost of entry, I still feel it’s highly over-rated. Perhaps it was the wrong one for me personally, but I expected SO MUCH MORE! 

It was filled with cute things, new things, nostalgic things, things that I know a part of me could have appreciated if I’d been raised a little more main stream. But all in all, it was, over-rated. Therefore, less than I’d hoped, but kind of what I’ve always suspected. 

I found Thirsday far more fun, far more fulfilling in this deeply internal way. 

Thursday: We scrapped the St. Augustine plan because the weather turned. And we originally thought the manatees would still be in at Blue Springs but they aren’t, tho three weeks ago there were hundreds, that day—one. And we didn’t see him. But there were plenty of fish. We wandered the boardwalk pathways and enjoyed the scenery & each other. We rocked in the rockers on the Thursby House veranda and talked, feeling very much like we could have been there all our lives. We carried on to the ocean.  

We ate fish tacos, and fish & chips, and gator bites & crab legs & key lime pie at Daytona Beach at Ocean Deck (a splurge for sure but so worth it) even tho the weather was getting so bad we didn’t even stick our feet in the water, and then vintage shopped. Books. Clothes. Old cool stuff. We thrifted our way down the strip of old knick-knack shops and laughed and took pictures. We drove back late and hoped we wouldn’t get lost. It was one of the most fun days I’ve ever spent with my big kids. We all loved it. We all found refreshment from it. It was calm and satisfying. It was not, over-rated. It was expectation-less & surprising. 

Friday was long. It had some really great moments but also, this weight of waste. It was excessive in only the way the world of excess can be. 

I couldn’t help but think: this is it. This is what people lean on for fun & excitement & refreshment & escape & this is its best. I just saw the best of the world’s version of what is great & amazing & wonderful & fun, it’s marketed all the time as this place of imagination & joy…And it was so over-rated. If that’s the best this crazy place can do, and I do love Star Wars I really do, well, I’m okay. 

I’m okay with the choices I’ve made to not expect more of this place. I’m okay with the calmness of what I do like & enjoy; music & nature & slowness & spiritality & poetry & less is more. It’s tough to explain or even understand, what is appealing about it all and to find it yet, oddly,  very unappealing. Not all of it. I loved the four rides that were actually rides. But I don’t understand the crowd draw. I appreciated that I saw things and thought: my little kids are gonna love this. I enjoyed it. I liked exploring and not knowing when the ride would drop; when the car would fire into the darkness; how far down that alien would come from the ceiling; those parts were awesome; but were they as fun as Thursday? Nope. 

This isn’t new to me, as I stated, I learned this young. Everyone wanted the toy of the year, the latest clothes, the coolest whatever, and then, I would see the lackluster begin to bloom. It’s an ugly flower. 

Boredom would quick-kill the joy and the next prey was being hunted while the last rotted in the farthest corner of the basement, uncherished, having not fulfilled its promise of eternal happiness. 

The hunter had moved on, joy’s fountain, like youth’s, remaining quite elusive. The cycle, being just that, a cycle, repeats & spins on & on. The hunger only growing. The dissatisfaction becoming a full scale ravenous growl that simply cannot be sated—0nly fed, more and more and more. 

Friday, I tasted the hunger. I felt it. It’s gnawing nothingness. It’s small fleeting moments. I felt it at days end, its echo continuing in my ears, unheard by all but me. 

I was tired, and I’ve very little to show for it. That’s typical of something that is over-rated. Recognizing the over-rated things in life, feels critical to removing them from your life’s passions & pursuits before it infects and plunders. 

I chalk this up to learning about life, at least who I am in life. I am thankful I had good family time and we found some fun and laughter and that’s what I take most from it. I love these people and they make the best of everything they have been handed in life, good & bad. They are kind and thoughtful and generous and I’m so thankful they endure me and my quirkiness. I learned I’m not sold on the glitz, tho I am awed by it I don’t value it. 

I’m sure if it were 100% up to me I would not spend my money on the theme parks again. They’re cool, but somewhat unsatisfying. 

I like rides. Shows can be cool. But I like nature walks more. I like beachcombing in tide pools & exploring old places. I want to get more for my money than a long line and a short thrill. 

This all being said, I want to make sure my kids have a good time. They are young still and one of my favourite things was Canada’s Wonderland when I was a kid, so I get it if they like it. I don’t fault them for it. I trust they know how to have fun without all the glitz or thrill rides. We do have fun without it. 

I look forward to more time with my in laws & children and exploring new things. I love being here. They are kind hearted and generous. I’m so thankful to have them in not only my life but the lives of my kids. It is so precious and special. Time with people who you love & who love you, is never over-rated. 


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