Today’s musical interlude—a brand new release from Coldplay’s upcoming EP which never fails to make me bubbly. 

Coldplay, was popular with me before they were popular and I saw them before they were big, so they have a special place in my heart for that reason, I had only two kids back then. Then, I had more kids and music fell to the wayside for a time and then, I began to reemerge from the quagmire of motherhood around the time mylo xyloto (did I get that spelling right without checking) came out and Firecracker & I saw them together, it being her first concert that she picked, tho, Michael Bublé was technically her first. 

Anyway, Coldplay for me is that band that has the perfect intersect of lyric and music, I feel their music in a different poetic way. Not every song, and I prefer when they do not collaborate, but when it’s just the simple calm of a realization that Chris’s lyrics seem to have, combined with the most naturally seeming composed combination of sound, it feels very nearly perfect to me. I keep thinking, I’m going to get sick of their sound, surely, but, I guess, sometimes you just don’t. I’m like that with The Beatles, I’ve never tired of them. Fleetwood Mac, The Neighbourhood, Sam Cooke, probably fifty million others, you can hear their music many times, and it just fits nice and snug inside the hollow of your chest every time. 

So today, I’m sharing Coldplay, since it’s been a while, and my kids and I are doing a day trip to see the manatees and then on to the ocean and St. Augustine. Firecracker’s never been here before, so after catching up from pulling an all-nighter on the plane & some margaritas last night in the backyard, we are roadtrippin’. 

The weather is perfect temp wise and we are just so happy to getting a reprieve from winter’s bleakness that literally feasts on whatever reserves you have left this time of year. We are like starved bears coming out of hibernation, shocked at the green & flowers, excited to actually feel the sun’s warmth & waking to sit in the yard with coffee while the mourning doves hoot & the blue jays caw, it’s something I just could never take for granted. People who don’t come from the north, well, they may not understand the fortitude of inner strength it requires to survive the six month drain of darkness & bleak of colourlessness. It’s a slow eroding torture that gets harder and harder the older I get. Make fun all you want if the snowbirds, inside living is hard on the soul of a person. I’m thinking right now of family members who really do suffer from mental health issues and winter is brutal on them, and wish they were here, because the sound of rustling leaves & birds and the gentle warm wind & moist rain that is still sitting up in the sky but threatening to fall, is really really soothing. It’s just something I needed to get through those last few weeks when I get back. 



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