The Impact

A shot of my shelf because, today it looked so cute to my eye. I reorganized it a couple days back, and tho it’s mostly as it was, my poetry collection shelf makes me very happy. There are more, but the plan is to eventually swap out my most favourite non antique books with antique/older copies of my favourites, namely, Millay, Dickinson, Whitman, and Rumi. I don’t think you can get super d Frost as he’s not that old, but I’d take a good old Frost too if I can find him. 

I recently began Charlotte’s Web with lovelies 4&5, I don’t believe I’ve read them a fictional story with chapters before, so, these nights, before bed, hot homemade coco and some reading. We are half way now, so we may actually get through it. My older kids, I read the Tale of Despereaux to them, when I was home schooling them. We do other reading, but childhood classics, well five kids—if they each remember that one time mom read that to them,  I’ll be happy.  I have a lot to do, so taking the time to slow it down and do this feels important to me. They won’t remember the dishes and laundry and meals, but stories and cookies and coco… and if there’s one thing I know about kids, impact, is everything. They can believe, ‘oh we did that all the time’ ‘we went to Winnipeg every summer’ ‘we did that chore for years’ …good and bad both, impact makes a small thing seem eternal and constant in their minds. So, I’m implanting a memory—mom used to sit and read us classics before bed when we were little. I actually think I know what I’ll pick next. If I only have a few more moments with them while they’re  little, before those big years gobble them up and out of my arms, there’s a few more things I’ve got to get in with them. 


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