The Neighborhood —Wiped Out

Haven’t shared one of these wasted moments in a while. My favourite moments on the whole album. 

Originally this was my least favourite song, but as we have all experienced, one day you just let it play and something magical collides with the music and you find a special moment—for me this song reminds me of being stuck in bumper to bumper on the northwest leg of the Henday. Since then, this has become a part of my walking soundtrack so I see migrating geese & geometric ice & my face feels cold & the sun is cracking out of heavy grey clouds. 

This record was an anniversary gift from Firecracker. Love that she knows me well enough to know exactly what I’d appreciate. Music is always a good choice. 

Mid-Winter Moon

Mid-Winter Moon is my latest little musical creation, well, it’s birth stage, so it’s a little messy still. But while toying around with chords and strumming this started to emerge, and I literally can’t get it out of my head. I also do it in a 3/4 and like it that way as well, so it really is birthing and like all good stories, I have no idea where it’s going just yet. 

Like with Divergent this seems to be something that was sitting beneath the learning and practice, that just crawled out and demanded to become. I love that. I didn’t expect it to happen again. 

I swear this one as well is so familiar, it wouldn’t surprise me if it exists and I’m simply stumbling across it somewhere in the recesses of a long list memory. Anyways, if that’s the case, it’s accidental, and really, as a beginner, I seem better at coming up with my only little things than the endless work it takes to cover something someone else has come up with. 

I don’t know if I’ll ever cover other people’s music well. I like the way music emerges from my little practice sessions and demands to be heard. This is truly new for me in the genre of creativity and it’s so refreshing to experience.