Early Winter

As expected, after an early summer & fall, winter has also come early. The snow has managed to melt off a bit from the weekend but looks like it will be returning enough that it may be here to stay. The willow & mountain ash haven’t even dropped their leaves yet. But this is better than the brown that can set it with an autumn with no snow. All the colourful trees have dropped their leaves, so now what remains are just the ones that brown and drop. 

Personally, the darkness that happens this time of year makes me desperate to see snow. So I could pretend I hate it, but it is pretty and much better than the oppressive bleak that consumes all light. Already the extreme tiredness has begun. The blackness just sucks the energy from your soul, it is invasive & hungry. The late sunrise is lovely, the early sunsets are too soon tho. The pendulum never settles, but just swings so far the other way after the bright long days of summer. 

By this time, my biggest concern, is stomaching the knowledge that winter is harsh, and long, with or without snow. I much prefer the long snowy winter than the long dismal brown ones. If the temperatures can be moderate, not much colder than -20 for the bulk, that is bearable. The January thaw, followed by the two week cold snap, this is a manageable winter. Tho, regardless, but April, all you want is green, and no matter how early the green arrives, it’s been a long dreadfully long. But the snow brightens, so, as others will begrudge winter’s length measured by how many months the snows been on the ground, it is six months either way, so I’ll take the crystallized world & wood incense pouring from the chimneys, and the peachy sunrises, lavender cloud skies, and pomegranate sunsets. 


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