I Drown…

I am the autumn wind…

Here, in the stillness of the water I drown the dream…

The sky has been lost in waves since God tore the oceans apart…

Do not tell me you do not believe in perfection– I’ve seen it with my own eyes  



Highlight of my fall so far was startling up this young coyote by the lake. It was so beautiful. How often are you within a foot of a wild animal like this in your life time. 

I startled it up from beneath one of the boardwalks. I quietly walked down to the corner it was skulking by, it literally at my feet, snapped the above shots, clicked my tongue since it seemed to not realize I was there, and it bolted. Didn’t even look up at me. Poor frightened thing. But ya. That was an amazing start to my day. 

Death Dates

I do not keep death dates in my palms,
like heavy shackles of despair, memory askewed
by mourning

i grip the river tight to where my heartbeat paths from
chest to sky, a silver ribbon
of prayer, a string of birds
rising high

the fog closes in on my silent wondering, your epitaph
pulsing under my fingertips—

some day it was
that you died
and i cried, God knows,
i cried.


So until further notice this is called Divergent. As I posted sometime ago, this diverged off my first picking pattern that I learned. The original was a little more country than classical. Apparently the Em & G set mimic something Metalic like, but after finding the song it reminded both my husband & sister in law of, it’s quite different. I play it set on capo  2, but also like it open and on 1. I’m still looking for that bridge that will complete it, and am working on a little riff, but for now that’s about where it is. 

This recording is with very bruised finger tips. I’ve played it better but gives the general idea of where I’m at with my beginner playing. 

For now, my goal is to move on to learning the 5 positions of the Minor Pentatonic Scale. I figure, that outta take me several weeks. But that will get me actually knowing how to place my fingers faster and better when I’m learning new stuff.  I plan on building my chord vocabulary too and working on some of the newer picking patterns I’ve learned while playing around with the chords. But the scales are my main focus for a while.