Teach the Truth

“Throw all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.” —1 Peter 5:7

Tonight I have the first official ‘Teach the Truth’ Initial Call part. Thankfully between two bouts of bronchitis I attended the meeting that introduced us to this new teaching method. Just the Bible & our smiles & listening ears. This part is based off Truth 4, Chapter 1 in the ‘What Can the Bible Teach Us?’ book. 

We are so used to using publications to accompany the scriptures that it’s actually very rewarding to be learning how to teach the Bible without an accompaniment. 

There isn’t a doubt that people believe God doesn’t care for them; it makes sense when they see world conditions; as well as what they experience personally. 

Combined with this month’s special Watchtower campaign on Comfort, this method of teaching and showing God does care for each of us individually and how we know that, by just using the scriptures, is such a timely thing. People do need comfort, and to be taught from the Bible how God can and does comfort those who are looking for him. So few people have ever even been read these scriptures. They have been force fed a set of malicious lies about, Heaven, Hell, some foreign unfeeling god that doesn’t notice let alone care. 

So few have ever read simple clean truths, such as Psalms 37:9-11. The clergy has got them all wrapped up in the afterlife lie that the real life and future for humanity has been forgotten. If they could just hear, cleanly from the Bible what God has in store for the earth, and be affected by it, what a comfort and true difference that could make in how they survive the present difficulties. 

So, with a little nervousness, which, I guess is a form of anxiety, I’m throwing this assignment on Jehovah, and getting it done. 


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