My Kawaii Girl Rocks! 

The best thing to do to your kids is catch them off guard and record them when they’re being the most themselves. 

This sweetheart of mine is out in the ministry this morning, is empathetic & full of light, and can rock a bass line. I honestly have no greater joy in life than watching the people in my life doing the things they love. 

Firecracker is taking extra photography. River is recovering but hoping to be on the volleyball team next year. Spitfire is well, spitting fire. X-man is always tinkering on a guitar or singing or dancing. Daddy is finding time to get in shape & learn a little guitar. Which is not easy when you work as long of days as he does. Me, I’m almost done my Folkloric Tunic (one sleeve to go) & am slowly but surely learning guitar. 

All the little things—that’s what makes life worth living. 


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