Skateboards & Concrete  Versus Skin & Bone

So this is how summer started for my middlest child—roadrash—every skateboarders reason for long pants. Quite an impressive demonstration of why jeans are a wise choice over shorts no matter how lovely the day. 

And Autumn started much the same only…longer healing time. This time, the knee only got a bandaid, but the arm—shattered, major break and a minimum of three pieces shattered off from the bone. They used to have to give you a general anesthetic for this set and cast, but via handy dandy tourniquet style device, they cut off your circulation, freeze the whole arm and manipulate the bones into place. The bone on bone grit sound and sight of her arm being bent back into shape like putty was horrifying and fascinating, very memorable. It was actually termed as surgery and thankfully the ER physician was a surgeon so he could do the job. 

This kiddo managed to barely cry before hand, even wondering aloud several times if maybe she just bruised it despite the pain that she described as radiating finger tip to shoulder blade and being unable to move her fingers at all, and not at all during her time in the hospital. One tough cookie. Not sure how that pain threshold science works but she’s got a high one. 

So she goes to the specialist next week and hopefully the six weeks are all that will be needed. If the bones slip, she’ll need a rebreak and reset with a few more gizmos for added support. Yikes. 

So this is how one small pebble (both times) a skateboard and some concrete get together and wreck a kid’s volleyball team dreams. Poor monkey. Next year. Next year baby cakes. 


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