death—how did it ever become
a lightening of a load?

gripped onto each breath
the in, the out,
as if dragging a stake
down a roman road

then, the flash,
as darkness drapes one way
the load lifts

life became feathery
fragile yet full of
flight, fearlessness floods in

we are being consumed
by burden upon burden
do you not wish to
shrug off expectation
as i do?

arent you tired of this
heavy weight?

exhaustions have a way
of suffocating
every lung

i’d lost my breath

i could no longer
hear yours—
in, out, out, the
tragedy of the gone.

i floated upward
gazing down
where the body lay, it
was white and its cold reached
all the way, my fingers to
my spine, to the inner pit,
wailing came over me

but still, i floated
easily, inside the sky,
despite this heavy need
to birth cry after cry
the passion of death
as you let go
those loved as they die

the rising
could not be stopped

the release
from the battle lost
i sang slowly, softly—
i’m certain
no one can hear me

the voice
changed, malliable,
a little purity of putty
the notes slipping
up my throat
a harp plucking quietly
all the thin pink strings

treasuring the
lost battle, i sat,
light under the softness
of my soul

i feel this transparency
this lightening—
i’m riddled with holes


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