i’m forging joy, comfort,
where despair once lived—

& it’s a heavy work

the sorrows come calling
there’s so much for them to
feast on, they’re screaming, cooing, hungering,
sickly & sucking,
every thing, every thing

i submerge their angry groan
i listen to their high pitched hiss

i’m forging joy, comfort,
where in those human moments
there was none

i’ve known more agonies
than sweet whisperings
as we all do, we are not alone

i cast my soul, what a burden,
on your shoulders,
& can you lift me? God,
do you want to?

—with a warm hand
clutched tight around
the anguish of my heart

the heaviness rising

have i ever known this
strange word ‘comfort’
in any other arms?

the comfort cools down
the night wind rising
i forge this
in the fires of
humanity’s hell—a graveyard
where every loved thing
is rotting
& the agony only gets
more agonizing, yet
here i am, comforted,
in the long dark of night
despite my fears, failures,
fractures, i see the
comfort of your light


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