What a Month Plus of Bronchitis in the Summer Leads To…

So, the good news is, I’m allergic to nothing. According to a doctor. The bad news is, my immune system has been in crap shape which is never good going into fall and winter. Who knows why, but I am actually still coughing. Four and half almost five weeks in. I’ve been sick so long, I was a week off on my original count; that’s a long time to be sick in the summer. 

Anyways, so when I’m cabin fevered I tend to paint…

So a few weeks ago, my husband tried to refresh our front doors after eight years of grey (which is the colour it was when we moved here) and this was the pretty yet not complimentary colour he chose. I couldn’t tell him it wasn’t right. And so, I waited. And finally in the weekend he just out of the blue says, ya, so you can repaint the doors. Poor guy. It’s not his fault. Our house is in need of everything, new paint, doors, windows. Trying to spruce it up with paint—nearly impossible. 

So, what I figured was, if I’m dealing with forty year old doors, they should embrace their old age. 

I found a wild colour palete and decided to experiment. Yep. On my front doors. Had never used exterior paint with stain, but hey. If you don’t try you won’t know. 

The plan, deep coloured inner doors. The outer doors, green-blue. Because that wouldn’t clash with the old brown brick or stucco. And hey, I love green. It could go wrong, but, like I said, you don’t know if you don’t try. 

So this is them last night after the deep blue undertone I’d picked. Frankly, at this point, I was tempted to not continue on with The Plan. But, I kinda hate this old door fresh perfect coat of paint look. A lot. So, I honestly, cringed as every car that rounded the corner probably looking at me like, what is that crazy old lady doing now, seemed to ring in my ears. Several neighbours walked by—seriously, torture, this whole public eccentricity thing. But I can’t be boring anymore. 

I layered the other three colours over the deep blue, creating a personal front door canvas. Then, walnut stain, brushed on, wiped off, muting all the tones into a strange mingle of blue-green. 

I think it turned out so close to what I wanted I’m a little freaked it worked. I would love to say I watched some DIY video and had the confidence this was going to all work, but I didn’t.  I totally experimented. I took what I knew and applied it and hoped. And well shucks! It looks a thousand times better so, ya. I’m super proud of it. It stil looks like it needs a few touches here and there to me, but that may be me being overly critical. I should probably just leave it and let it cure. 

Anyways, that’s what a month plus of bronchitis conjures up—a bored lady with a vision and just enough pent up energy to do it. 


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