American Politics: Stranger Things than Stranger Things

So, first off—I’m a political neutral. I’ve never voted and never will. My belief is, a government that is not of this world will rule humanity. Actually, I believe humanities governments now are under the powerful influence of a non human.

Regardless, I find the politics south of the border like a train wreck I can’t help but watch. It’s fascinating and horrifying, all at once. 

First off—huh? 

Truly, I don’t understand what on earth has happened down there. By an unofficial tally via what the social media outlets of public opinion spewed, Bernie won, months ago. Everyone in all ages and generations LOVED Bernie. He won! Oh wait. He didn’t get the nomination. Huh? Democracy. A strange fickle thing. Turns out, the people don’t have a say. Nope. You guys got Hilary. 

Second—ya. I don’t think so. 

But, we do. We all think so. We all had this strange tingle down our spine when the Trumpster got the nomination from his side of the tracks. We knew, he was going to become the President of “the greatest nation on Earth.” It’s this funny thing that happens, like in a suspense  movie when your favourite character is actually going to be the villain, and it sickens you and yet, you still like them even tho you hate them. It’s confusing. 

Third—they’re all villains. 

Hilary is getting investigated by who? Why? Ya. She’s a villain. I honestly, being both Canadian and politically neutral know nearly nothing of this Hilary thing, but, if you’re being investigated for a bunch of stuff, maybe you shouldn’t become the boss. But, that’s just ethics which had no place in politics. 

Mr. Trump, well, let’s face it, he’s a villain with no disguise. He grabs his villainous roll by the horns and owns it. There’s something people can respect about that even when they despise someone. It’s true. 

Now, Michael Moore wrote an interesting piece on this, and I’m no Michael Moore, but I concur: Mr. Trump is going to be the President. Relax. He’s going to “make america great again.” I’m laughing just a wee bit, and scared a lot. 

Here’s what an uneducated thinker sees: the voting demographic. 

Aside from, corruption (which let’s face it, is a strong possibility, all you can hope in the power of that, since it’s worked for politics many times) or Trump killing someone, or someone harming him, he’s going to win the election.

The Demographic 

The Boomers: dwindling, but still voting and definitely they seem to be of the more conservative mind set. I’m guessing, this is the secret strange spine upon which Trump is propped. I don’t get it, but they have a peculiar silence in their old age that they inherited from their parents. It’s supposed to make sense, but it doesn’t in today’s current state. It once may have, but things are different now. But they cannot see the change. They’re locked in another time, unable to escape. 

The Millenials: they’re  with the X-ers. Bernie was their guy. Unlikely to vote now. 

The X-ers: this is where Trump will win, even tho, they disagree with everything he is about. 

This sounds crazy because I suspect my American peers think what I do of him, he’s a wee bit sketchy. Just a tad. And a bit of an arse too. But, there’s a few things that also make us the oxymoron generation, for better and for worse. 

We know, politics is corrupt. Hilary is a corrupt politician. As much as we don’t want her to be, she is. 

Trump is not. He is so not political he’s just incorrect. Interesting. 

Generation X is faced with a massive out of the box situation. Again. We grew up in this. 

We grew up in family strife; Cold War terror; AIDS; we are the world; punk rock; alternative; financial upheaval; joblessness; creative flux; and political scandal. We are rebellious, and the age of voting majority that will vote even if there’s no one worth voting for. 

It’s an age thing. The young people, still believing in the greater good, not sure what I mean exactly by this, but, will vote for Hilary if they vote at all. 

But Gen X, they are going to step inside that booth; they’re going to take a deep breath in; they’re thinkers now. They are going to think about all the struggles. How they thought they were making some great change by electing America’s first African American president, and it did diddly. I’m just saying what everyone is thinking. Good man. But the establishment is broken. They are going to hear something from the past scream into their ears—”here we are now, entertain us!”

Those iconic moments past, sculpt the future and the fire. 

He’s dreadful. Everything we grew up despising. But hey. Just to throw a wrench into the whole thing and see what happens—

X marks the spot, again. The one of change through a strange thing called apathy. It’s a feigned apathy; a passive aggression. A subtle rebellion. Do they want the same old elusive political figure drenched in lies and scandal or do they want an outright forthcoming one who apologizes to no one and may actually walk in and flip all the tables? 

Go listen to the soundtrack of Generation X and the answer is glaringly clear, as the eye shine off your light in the black of night. 

There are stranger things than stranger things, every day, rising and creeping about this place. 


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