Three Weeks of Bronchitis Later… 

Seems summer just isn’t my thing even tho, I think it’s my thing, and I want it to be my thing, cold weather kills everything that ails me. And hives. Never had that before. But due to the FB feature of highlighting past posts, seems I always am sick this time of year. 

Finally went to the dr after two weeks of hives and two weeks of a wicked cough, that camping and the beach and a little boogie boarding couldn’t cure, and it had been a while. My last address on file was two houses ago, and I’ve been in this house over 8 years, so, I guess I should do that dr thingy a little more often. I’m sure I’ve gone since then, but not regularly enough that they updated my file I guess. 

So now for the first time, I’m getting allergy testing, which, it wouldn’t surprise me if I have allergies, it’s just, is that causing hives or is my body just rebelling and deciding it needs to attack everything in sight including itself after a long battle with bronchitis? 

I’m no dr, but bring on hot meals and sweaters and cozy time. Leaves are already changing colour and just over a week until school starts; I’m ready to stumble into the cold. 

But the dark. The dark is draining. Decided to escape it earlier this year, assuming of course The States aren’t in civil war in late November, but I have this fear that the break from the dark is going to be soon and by February I’ll be literally a black-ringed eye freak on the fringes of sanity threatening to plunge off the cliffs in a fit of joyously insane laughter, as usual for late winter. 

Regardless, homemade turkey soup and some pecan pie and my homemade sweater means, fall is here. And that nagging cough has finally begun to fade. 


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