Folkloric Progress

This 29″ at the widest X 16″ height panel is the progress I made this week on the Folkloric Tunic. It still needs the upper border knit onto it, but it is beginning to take shape. 

The pattern is written as knitting up two of these, one front, one back, and then knitting the sleeves. It’s a fun piece to see taking shape, not too repetitive, constantly changing. 

Using Wisdom Yarns: Poems Silk, Baffin Island; Poems Chunky, Autumn Haze; Poems Puzzle, Autumn Haze. 

These colours drive me crazy with an anxiousness to have it done for the upcoming Autumn, which seems to be beginning to settle already, with a big thick weight and a crisp breeze. 

My girls are already coveting it…but that is why I’m knitting women’s sweaters, they are all becoming women. Eventually, they’ll all have cool sweaters I’ve knit. 


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