Folkloric Tunic

This is my next project—same designer, Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. 

I understand I have a bit of bohemian flair, which in six months of winter is very difficult to sate, so my plan it to knit myself a collection of sweaters and clothes that satisfy the urge to dress comfortably yet original and classic. Tunics make for comfy cozy and a little quirky fashion. 

Getting old is fun, because I just don’t give a darn what anyone thinks anymore. It’s a bonus if people like what I make and or wear, but frankly, I don’t care. I want to wear what I like. And I like quirky with colour. So, here we go. 

I have a goal of two more sweaters this year. And to finish my daughters 10 stitch blanket, for which I’m waiting for some awesome yarn sales which hopefully will happen this fall. I’ll be impressed if the blanket gets done because it’s SO MUCH KNITTING! But, I hope to finish it up for her. Next blanket might be a larger yarn tho. Whew. So much work. 


2 thoughts on “Folkloric Tunic

    1. I actually bought the pattern via vogue knitting. It was in a vogue knitting magazine a couple years ago. I think the link is on ravelty. But you do have to pay for it or find the original magazine it was in.
      It is gorgeous. I officially started it last night and love the colours. Because I am in Canada and the yarns are not easy to come by here, I played it safe and ordered the colours the original was knit in. But I think it would be awesome with a charcoal as the main colour too.
      Hope you find it.


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