Benedikta Complete!

Well, closer to 70 hrs later, this gorgeous sweater is officially done! 

Proudest knitting moment yet! 

Started this in the spring of the year and it’s done mid summer. People who knit sweaters will tell you that’s not bad. I’ve learned how to ‘seamlessly’ seam too. I actually couldn’t find the neck line seam which is hidden on the one shoulder. And I didn’t even block it. It seems to have naturally taken shape. I may block it just to settle down a couple spots in the block work. But otherwise, it’s perfect. 

On to the next project. 


2 thoughts on “Benedikta Complete!

    1. I love it. Here where I live it is already cooling down so actually got to wear it last night outside on the deck. It is comfy. I’m used to wearing wools because of the six months of winter, but it is not too hot, silk, wool, mohair blend, that a shirt under it makes sense anyway.
      The colours are amazing. I love that I get to wear such a beautiful handmade garment. Thank you.


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