The Last Stitches

I’m scared I’m going to mess this up.

Last stages of the Benedikta sweater. I have to attach the sleeves and begin the neckline. I wouldn’t be as scared if I had enough of my main colour yarn. But I don’t. And to special order it now would be so expensive. I’m literally fractionally off. No doubt a slight waste yarn issue. I have left over of the other three colours but, I’m not sure yet if I can bridge the gap in an esthetically pleasing way. If this doesn’t work, my next trip to the states in the late fall is the soonest I’ll be able to get the yarn meaning I can’t finish until then! 

My plan is: proceed regardless. And if it looks bad, special order the yarn and get it shipped to my In laws house and pick it up in November, then, unravel and reknit the last little bit. 

Guess we’ll see. 

Side note: Each block took an hour, totalling 44hrs of block work knitting. I’m guessing about 5 per sleeve, tatalling 10hrs. And another 5 for the lower trim. Will gauge the neckline will take 3 hrs. 

So over 60 hrs of knitting to make this baby. That’s a lot of work! Yowza! For sure. My largest project to date. This is why you only knit sweaters for yourself or for those who understand the magnitude of the work that goes into homemade garments. The yarn was one investment, but the time too! It’s a whole massive thing that I’m guessing only other knitters and fibre artists understand. No quick routes. No shortcuts. Nope. Every single stitch slowly slipped over and off each needle. Back and forth. Row upon row. 


2 thoughts on “The Last Stitches

    1. Thank you Marion. This morning I am finishing the final seam on the second sleeve. So excited to block it and see what it officially looks like on!


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