Welcome to the Quiet

Welcome to The Hollow Quiet on WordPress. I’m here for one main reason: I’m tired of a location to write & share that is just filled with filth. I have become thouroughly disgusted by the prevalence of imagery that exploits women & girls online. It is hard to believe the world is not enraged that our women are being trotted about in such a debasing manner. 

Women are, as one recent news article said, trying to alter their most intimate body parts to look like pre-pubescent girls. I’ve had to get away from a place, that in my opinion, runs rampant with this kind of imagery. I myself, quite by accident, have seen imagery that could easily have been an underage victim because the face, of the slim thighed, hairless groomed individual, was not visible in the “artistic nude” shot. To me, this is not nude, this is not art. It is pornagraphic. 

It is wise to stay away from this kind of demoralizing and desensitizing imagery. Our humanity is at stake. Our minds and hearts too. 

I’m sure I will not really be noticed here but I still love keeping a quiet little online journal of latest pursuits and writing scraps. This is the place I want to do that. 

Thank you for your visit here at The Hollow Quiet; that place of solace inside my soul. 


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