So I’m super proud of myself. Some years ago I saw & fell in love with the cover photo of this sweater. Unfortunately, the yarn for this pattern was no longer available. After several failed attempts to substitute in other yarns, I finally had the idea to check clearance outlets in the States. Sure enough. I found Garden Silk Lite. 

I had to guess the colours via an online shot and description since the colours originally suggested were no longer available, but after a leap of faith I ordered the yarn. 

Now, many hours later, I’m working on the second sleeve. After that, all that’s left is the neckline and the sleeve seaming.

I’ve yet to decide which side is the front; both sides have their own allure, subtly different from each other. I took quite a bit of time determining which colours to place and balance, this is a total of four different colour combinations, so getting it looking balanced was its own artful endeavour. But I feel it turned out exceptionally well. 

To date, this is my most labour intensive knit project. And my favourite by far. I truly love this project and look forward to its completion.  And well, just wearing such a gorgeous piece of artwork. 

This kind of creative outlet is so beautifully rewarding and joyful. 


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